Stuart Neville Carpentry Services Company Logo A loft that has been converted and is now a bright space with a shiny wooden floor A large loft area that has been professionally converted into a bedroom A stunning, contemporary loft that has been converted into a modern living space

All fittings and installations

As well as convert your loft we can design ladders, furniture and install any electrics that are required.


For the environmentally-conscious, we can supply eco-friendly materials.

Making the most of your property's space

Transform your empty unused space for an extra bedroom or lobby with a loft conversion. Our talented carpenters are able to create an extra room, complete with ladder access, giving you more space and a sanctuary for study or storage.

Options for your loft conversion

- Home office

- Computer room

- Games room

- Storage room

- Extra bedroom


You can also acquire our decking services.

Wish to transform your loft into an extra room?